Saturday, 24 June 2017

Sealyham 2017: Day 6

As the morning wake up call got harder, our sleepy students arose from their beds for a final jam-packed day of activities.

For Group 1, the morning began with a raft building challenge where they had to design and build a boat to transport them across open water. Both rafts floated well across the lake; however, the children were less successful at staying on their boats - capsizing was too much fun! In the afternoon, Group 1 were mini Mowglis as they glided through the trees on the adrenaline pumping high ropes course! Despite the fear that gripped many children, our brave adventurers soldiered on and did not let anxieties win the battle: fears were conquered and everybody completed the whole circuit.

Group 2 gained a fascinating insight into survival in the unruly wilderness... bushcraft! Amazingly, our future survivalists were so impressive at building shelters and starting fires that we considered setting up camp for the rest of the trip - the teachers, though, were too drawn to the idea of a proper bed! In the afternoon, Group 2 headed to the water to traverse the coastal path and battle against the choppy waves.

Group 3 encountered the challenge of the wetsuit for their morning activity as they rode the waves at Newgale Beach, even having the opportunity to hold a number of jellyfish. In true Robin Hood styles, Group 3 spent the afternoon taking on a series of tasks at the archery range.

With hair washed and styled, party clothes donned and cologne dabbed, the evening was spent celebrating the children's achievements and throwing some shapes at the disco. The party ended with a giant conga... to bed!