Thursday, 22 June 2017

Sealyham 2017: Day 4

As the sun shone through the windows marking the beginning of a glorious day, our Hacton thrill seekers devoured yet another delicious breakfast to fuel them for fun and adventures.

Group 1 attempted to catch the waves as they took to their surf boards in a surprisingly calm sea. Group 2 showed Robin Hood exactly how it should be done and displayed some impressive archery skills as they battled to win the right to cutlery at dinner time. Some, however, found this incredibly difficult resulting in hand fed food! Group 3 put their team work to the test, using rope, wood and barrels to fashion rafts in an attempt to travel across a lake with great success.

In the afternoon, all 3 groups headed to Broad Haven beach where they played in the water, hunted for buried for treasure, dug for fossils and indulged in well-deserved ice creams.

To finish the day, the challenge of the assault course was faced by all resulting in our young adventurers being transformed into an army of swamp monsters!