Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Year 6 World War II Workshop

Last Friday, Year 6 were transported back in time to 1939 for a lively and engaging World War II workshop. With evacuation labels attached to their uniforms, the children lined up outside the hall waiting for their headmistress to accompany them to the countryside. After a long, uncomfortable journey, they finally arrived and were greeted by their billeting officer. The children imagined how challenging life would have been for evacuees during the Second World War. Excitement overwhelmed the Hacton historians as they eagerly performed alongside Rainbow Theatre actors in a range of wartime scenes about the Blitz, rationing, black outs and air-raid shelters.

Emily & Ciara: “We had a great afternoon. We were in the Blitz scene and especially enjoyed screaming really loud when were heard the siren! It really helped us to understand what it would have been like during the war.”

Owen: “I loved the acting and dancing. It was so fun actually taking part in the production.”

Josh: “The acting was the best bit! But, I enjoyed looking at the artefacts, like a wireless, that they used to make it seem real.”

Alfie: “It was so much fun as we got to do the acting as well as watching the other groups perform.”

The production concluded with an energetic rendition of the ‘Lambeth Walk’, where all children enjoyed singing and dancing to celebrate the end of the war. Thank you Rainbow Theatre, for a fantastic afternoon.