Year 1 Go on a Bear Hunt

October 04, 2013
Year 1 have been reading ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’. On Tuesday, an unexpected letter  was delivered to Year 1 classes telling them that they needed to follow some clues to find a teddy bears' picnic. Mrs Burks reports:

"We followed the first clue that led us to the field to find swishy swashy grass. We all felt it. The next clue told us to find the cool water and we decided to go to the swimming pool. The clue on the swimming pool door told us about the mucky gardening club and we knew where to go because we had a map to help us. The mud was gooey and dirty. We found the next clue and it said we needed to find some trees, so we decided to go to the junior playground. We found a bear behind the trees hanging on a washing line! It was not the sort of bear we were hunting for though. We stumbled onto the next clue that said we should find some snow, we looked in the infant playground but we thought it must have melted. The final clue told us to listen for the growls that could be heard near the hall. We tip-toed to the hall listening carefully and we discovered lots of teddies waiting for us to join them for a wonderful picnic."

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