Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Mrs Wiggins Runs the Bournemouth 10k

On Saturday, Mrs Wiggins and five of her running buddies completed the Bournemouth 10k to raise money for Havering Blood Bikes (a volunteer service which uses motorbikes to deliver blood, plasma, baby milk and test results). Mrs Wiggins alone has raised over £400!

While they waited with thousands of other runners for the start of the race, the nervous group enjoyed being interviewed by the local newspaper and having their photograph taken for the Bournemouth Echo! It was a hotter day than expected and, although the going was tough, they persevered and all finished in respectable times. Despite all of the ladies saying ‘never again’ as soon as they had crossed the line, they are already considering entering next year!

Well done to Mrs Wiggins and her friends; keep up the good work!