Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Provision for Hearing Impaired Children Visit the Pink Parachute

The Provision for Hearing Impaired Children at Hacton Primary School went on a visit to The Pink Parachute in Hornchurch. This visit gave the hearing impaired children an opportunity to interact with their peers, practise their safe travel skills (which were introduced in a recent assembly by the school’s Junior Travel Ambassadors) and develop their creative skills.

The children reported on the trip in their literacy lesson:

"Yesterday morning, we went to The Pink Parachute. It was half an hour walk, when it rained, we had to find ourselves shelter. Luckily, the bank next to us had a shelter and we rested for a while. When we arrived at The Pink Parachute, the owner (whose name is Rav) saw us and said 'take a seat'."

"I chose my Christmas decoration. I choose Santa Claus. I carefully cleaned the Christmas decoration. Next, we painted it. I painted carefully. Half an hour later she gave us a drink and a biscuit. Next, we carried on painting our ornament."

"When we were painting, I was painting a 2D Christmas tree (which you can hang up). Some painted a 3D Christmas tree (which can stand up), some painted Santa (which was sitting down) and a stocking."

"When we finished, we said 'bye!' to Rav. She was actually a kind woman to meet. On the way back to school, when we were going past St Andrew’s church, we saw the War Memorial where at the bottom we saw wreaths of poppies to remember those who died in WW1 and WW2."

This was a fabulous opportunity for children to make choices, use their fine motor skills to carefully paint a piece of pottery and to share a new experience with their hearing impaired peers.

Thank you to Rav at The Pink Parachute for looking after us and the Breyer Foundation who funded our visit.

Provision for Hearing Impaired Children:

“I liked painting a  red and black Father Christmas” (Reception child)

“I liked it because we got to do our own painting and take them home” (Year 2 child)

“I liked picking the colours on the colour chart. They were nice and bright. I would like to do it again” (Year 5 child)

“I enjoyed it because we got to paint and choose what we wanted” (Year 6 child)

“It was fantastic because we got to paint our own decoration and learn new skills in a different place.” (Year 6 child)