Thursday, 12 February 2015

Hacton 4 - 1 Branfil

The Hacton girls' football team recently scored an impressive win against Branfil Primary. Amy, Elsie and Megan (Year 6) have written this report

With high hopes we kicked off to a great start. Maddie made a long run down the pitch, straight through the Branfil defenders. Powerfully, she took a shot ... and she scored! Just minutes into the match and it was already 1-0 to Hacton. Branfil kicked off. Megan (our Captain) made a great tackle, Amy chased it up the pitch and passed to Katie who took an amazing shot and scored - 2-0! Not long after we made it 3-0, but Branfil took the ball and sprinted down the pitch. 3-1. Despite the fact that we were comfortably in the lead, we were still determined to get another ball in the net. Katie passed to Emily who ran down the pitch until she finally crossed it to Amy. She had a shot ... unfortunately it hit the post. It was almost full time when Katie ran up the pitch and made it 4-1. The whistle blew and Hacton had won 4-1. Victory!

Well done again girls.