Friday, 20 February 2015

Challenge Week: Tube Map Quiz

With Hornchurch Underground station nearby, Challenge Week presented an opportunity to enhance our knowledge and understanding of the Tube. Large maps were unrolled for the children to use and a range of challenging questions were presented to the table groups. As most of the children at Hacton have travelled by Underground train they were keen to get started. Football-loving pupils enjoyed finding as many stations as they could that share their names with football teams; they found some that even Mrs Burks (who devised the challenge) hadn't considered! All the children pored over the maps as they pondered the tricky questions: Which line has seven sisters and a black horse? What station is nearest to where Henry VIII had people's heads chopped off? The children clearly enjoyed the challenge. They worked brilliantly in their teams and by the end of the session were able to competently find their way around London.