“All hail Macbeth, King of Scotland!”

October 20, 2014
In their literacy work on Macbeth, Year 6 took on the role of crime scene investigators to solve the mystery of King Duncan’s untimely death. A battle had been won and the King’s loyal soldier, Macbeth, had been awarded the title Thane of Cawdor at a party hosted at Glamis Castle (the home of Macbeth and his ambitious wife). However, as Year 6 soon discovered, King Duncan (who had personally delivered Macbeth’s new title) did not survive the night!

With their feet covered, atmospheric music playing and a crime scene cordoned off, Hacton’s CSIs examined the evidence. After questioning potential suspects - Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo, Prince Malcolm, Prince Donnalbain, the guards and three witches - the agents explored motives and decided upon a prime suspect: Lady Macbeth!

Unfortunately, they were soon to discover that the perpetrator of the murder was actually Macbeth; no longer King Duncan’s loyal subject. Lady Macbeth was not altogether innocent though. Her devious plan had come to fruition. Fearing for their security, the rightful heirs to the throne - Prince Malcolm and Prince Donnalbain - fled to England and Ireland. This left a power vacuum which could only be filled by... King and Queen Macbeth.

The morning ended with a regal coronation ceremony amidst cries of “All hail Macbeth, King of Scotland!” The witches’ prophecy had come true!

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