Macbeth: The Final Scene

November 18, 2013

Year 6 enjoyed a fittingly dramatic end to their work on Macbeth as the curtain was brought down upon an epic tragedy. Macbeth, who had once been seen as a heroic character, faced his biggest challenge yet as his forces opposed the forces of the rightful heir to the throne of Scotland - Malcolm - supported by Macduff and Prince Donalbain. The Year 6 children lined up to face each other in battle and were given a rallying cry by Macbeth (I am your King!) and Macduff (Victory! Victory! Victory!). As rivals collided and swords clashed, all the action focused on two characters: Macbeth and Macduff. With the words of the witches ringing in his ears, Macbeth felt confident, certain even of victory. However, he was soon to learn that his confidence was misplaced as Macduff revealed that Macbeth had been tricked by the three witches. This seemed to sap the spirit of Macbeth as he saw all that he had fought for slip through his fingers. How could he have been so naive? With Macbeth slain by the sword of Macduff, Scotland had its rightful heir to the throne restored – Prince Malcolm.

Without a sequel to the drama, the Year 6s speculated as to what could happen next. Would Malcolm live long as King? Had the witches finished with their sorcery? What would happen to Macduff? So many unanswered questions! Although disappointed to have finished the play, Year 6 looked forward to their Globe Theatre trip.

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