Monday, 11 November 2013

District Football Team's Latest Player

Congratulations to our talented Year 6 footballer who has been selected to play for the Havering district team. Here is the story of how he was chosen:

"I'm going to tell you how I got picked for the football district team. First I was put forward by Mr Grant to go and trial out for District. Every match we play we arrive wearing our school uniform to represent our school and we get changed into our football kit after that. On the first trial I got through to the second trial. So on the second trial I also got through to the third trial and the third trial was where they picked the team. On the day I played some mini football matches and I thought I'd played well. Thankfully, Roy - who was the district football manager - told me on the day that I'd got into the football team. I was absolutely stunned, I couldn't believe it!

"So far we've played two games and we've lost on 6-5 and won one 8-1. We were over the moon when we won but we still played well on the first game - the other team scored a lucky goal when it was close to the end of the game.

"Thank you for listening."