Monday, 13 January 2020

Year 6 Maths: Hey Diddle Diddle.

Mr Marshall and Mrs Standen's maths set have been learning about averages: calculating the mean, median, mode and range. Instead of using existing data, they created their own by counting the number of balls they could throw into a bin within 30 seconds. The marvellous mathematicians created a table that included a tally chart and the total for each person. This data was then used to analyse and create questions, for example, did the boys or girls have the highest average total?

To better understand averages, Year 6 have learnt a mnemonic that they have been chanting all week:

Hey diddle diddle, the Median's the middle;
you add and divide for the Mean.
The Mode is the one that appears the most,
and the Range is the difference between.

The children learned how to collect, organise and analyse data as well as learning how to calculate the mean, median, mode and range.