Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Black History Month

To mark the beginning of Black History Month, Hacton children learned about Rosa Parks. In 1955, her refusal to give up her seat on a bus made her a beacon for the American civil rights movement. In assembly, a small group of children carried out a performance, where they paid a bus driver and pretended to get on a bus. Everyone on the bus paid the same amount, but those who wore jumpers had to sit at the back. Those wearing a t-shirt sat comfortably near the front. If other people got on to the bus, the children at the back with jumpers had to give up their seat. The children of Hacton shouted, "unfair!"

After the performance and an informative assembly, our pupils learnt that a bus boycott triggered by the actions of Rosa Parks changed the rules of American society, and led towards equality and justice for everyone, whatever the colour of their skin.