Monday, 23 September 2019

Charity Chop

Well done to two of our wonderful pupils who have been growing their hair for a couple of years before having it cut to support the charity the Little Princess Trust. The children donated their hair to the charity, which makes wigs for children and young adults who are undergoing treatment for cancer. They have also raised an impressive amount of money on their JustGiving page.

"I got used to having long hair and being mistaken for a girl. I’m relieved to have a hair cut; long hair gets very knotty and gets hot. Actually, I do kind of miss it - I quite liked my ponytail. When I walked into the classroom with short hair, everyone was shocked!"

"I felt quite excited and nervous to say goodbye to long hair. I’d had it for a long time. Mum is so proud of me. She tells me when someone has posted a nice comment on the JustGiving page. Knowing that it has been for a good cause makes it all worthwhile."

We’re so proud of our amazing pupils and the kind and thoughtful things that they do. Going above and beyond to help others is, we like to think, 'the Hacton way'.

We are having a cake sale on Thursday to support the children’s chosen charity.