Friday, 15 February 2019

Road Safety with the StopWatch Theatre Company

The Stopwatch Theatre Company visited our school to perform their road safety production to Year 5 and 6. Some of our older pupils are now trusted to walk to and from school independently so this visit from a dynamic theatre group was a great opportunity to reinforce the importance of making sensible choices around roads. During the afternoon session, the children were treated to the production 'Chicken', which used humourous acting to deliver a serious message.

Road safety issues linked to both pedestrians and road users were addressed, as were issues relating to peer pressure, choices and consequences. This linked in perfectly with current discussions being held across both year groups about attitude, self-control, perseverance, independence, responsibility and excellence (ASPIRE) and the consequences linked to our behaviour choices.

The children were fully engaged and, as the tension in the story built, you could hear a pin drop!