Friday, 19 October 2018

Why Britain is Great: British Architects

British architects were celebrated in 6AM during Why Britain is Great week. Our pupils learnt about our country's diverse mix of historical and modern buildings before they embarked upon their very own construction project.

The children had to combine their cutting, folding, twisting and rolling skills with their imagination to create the tallest tower and longest bridge possible, using only a single sheet of A4 paper. These skills were then put to the test: Key Stage 2 children worked in pairs to create a bridge capable of supporting a weight; Key Stage 1 children recreated Tower Bridge using paper, masking tape and glue sticks.

Our amazing architects thoroughly enjoyed making structures inspired by iconic British buildings. They gained a deeper understanding of the requirements for designing a strong and effective building... and they were pleased to discover that our school is not made from paper and masking tape!