Thursday, 27 September 2018

Provision for Hearing Impaired Children: Update

The Provision for Hearing Impaired Children at Hacton Primary School were successful in securing a grant from The Breyer Foundation to run a number of activity days which have taken place the year. The events were hosted for our pupils and children from other provisions in Thurrock and Barking and Dagenham. A greater number of hearing impaired children were able to benefit from the workshops and interact with their peers, to develop their own social awareness and extend their friendship groups.

This is Me

Hacton PHIC children in Years 2 to 3 enjoyed a ‘This is Me' day led by Deafax where they learnt about themselves and how they are both the same and different from each other. They explored their Deaf Identity through creating pieces of artwork and made new friends from Five Elms Primary School in Dagenham.

According to Five Elms Primary School this was an “excellent inclusive day which was accessible to all children”. They enjoyed “creating their own portraits and taking these home to share with their families”.

Sherlock Gnomes

Hacton PHIC children and their siblings from Nursery to Year 5 enjoyed getting the bus to Romford and watching a subtitled version of the film Sherlock Gnomes. Hearing impaired children joined us from Warren Primary School and Five Elms Primary School. Over 60 children enjoyed this day. A big thank you to Premier Cinema for arranging the subtitles and looking after us all.

According to Five Elms Primary School, this trip was good for “making links with other schools and making friends, seeing other deaf children and adults, improving children’s confidence especially with signing”.

Visual Music

PHIC children in years 4 to 6 enjoyed a ‘Visual Music’ day. This was organised by Deafax and led by Ruth Montgomery, a professional musician who is deaf. Children enjoyed playing and writing their own music. They were presented with a recorder each to take home, which we hope parents will enjoy. Over 30 children from Hacton, Warren, Five Elms and Eastbury Primary School attended the day. The children had amazing opportunities to meet new friends and work with a range of deaf role models, explore their identity, experience music in a deaf friendly way and enjoy an accessible film.

According to Warren Primary School, the best thing about the Visual Music workshop was “the children being given their own musical instrument to take home”. The children “learnt how to read and write music and used a wide variety of instruments”. This was a new experience for some children. Eastbury Primary School enjoyed “creating music” as well as “allowing deaf children to play together”. 

Thank You

Thank you to The Breyer Foundation for fully funding the costs of these events.