Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hacton Performing Arts Club: Young Voices at the O2 Arena

Hacton Performing Arts club were given the opportunity to show their talent and sing their hearts out at the O2 Arena in London. After 4 months of committed rehearsals, our pupils boarded the train and set off on their adventure. Once at the arena, everyone found their seats and began the rehearsal. Our awestruck pupils looked around at the impressive sight of thousands of children from other schools who were singing alongside them. After rehearsals it was time for a packed lunch, toilet trips and a stretch. Butterflies filled our pupils' tummies as they watched the crowds of spectators pour into the arena.

At last it was time for the concert! The songs were broken up with performances from famous artists of different styles and genres, including a street dance team and an a cappella group! Finally, the show came to an end and the children from Performing Arts club made their way through the emptying arena to reunite with family and friends.

After such a busy and exciting day, our pupils slept soundly as they dreamt of their evening in the spotlight.