Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Reception: Giraffe's Reading Area

Giraffe class are really excited about their newly developed reading area. This has certainly helped to promote reading in the class: the children have enjoyed settling down in the comfy space to share some of their favourite stories with their friends.

When asked about their favourite books and characters, Giraffe class had a lot to say!

"I like Elmer because he makes other elephants laugh."
"My favourite book is the Gingerbread Man because I like it when he jumps out of the oven."
"The Gruffalo because the mouse scares him away."
"I like the Apple because everyone tries to get it down and then Floppy eats it."
"I like Penguin because he is funny."
"I like the Baby Owls because the mummy comes back at the end."
"I like it when Jack climbs up the beanstalk and finds the giant."