Monday, 18 December 2017

Years 3 and 4: Five Gold Rings


Our Year 3 and 4 pupils continued the Christmas concert season by performing 'Five Gold Rings'. The story follows Lucy and Fred, two children who cannot stand each other, but who have to put their differences aside when something peculiar happens whilst singing 'The Twelve Days of Christmas'. When the song gets stuck on 'five gold rings' they enter a mysterious world and meet some strange characters!

Our children did a fantastic job of learning lines, dance moves, songs and signs, before putting it all together on stage; they sang some well-known and some new songs as well as two dazzling dances. Following a confident dress rehearsal to the school, the children performed their first show to parents on Friday. They began the final week of the term with their last wonderful performance.

An extra thank you to the children who filled in at the last minute when the dreaded sickness arrived and, as always, thank you to parents and carers who provided costumes and helped the children prepare. Merry Christmas from Years 3 and 4!