Monday, 16 October 2017

Nursery: The Owl Babies

The children in Nursery have been enjoying listening to the story of The Owl Babies, and learnt that a baby owl is called an owlet.

We have also been learning about the season of autumn, so we took the children in their welly boots on a walk to our woods to experience the signs of autumn first hand.

The children found lots of interesting things: a spider's web, some colourful leaves, some crab apples and then most amazingly an owl in the tree! He was watching the children and sat looking at them from his perch. The awe and wonder was wonderful to witness on their faces. Where did it come from?

We then explored our woods and listened to the wind in the trees and the birds singing to each other before having running races up and down the field.

We then all settling down in the gazebo for a biscuit and a drink before enjoying the story of The Owl Babies.