Game Changers at Hacton

November 13, 2014
25 pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 took part in filming for the Sky Sports show 'Game Changers' - a programme that aims to get children interested in sport and leading more active lives. After applying to take part in the show months ago, we were informed yesterday that the film crew and producers would be arriving in school at 9.30 today! Our pupils donned their freshly pressed PE kits (thank you parents) and, with a certain amount of trepidation, made their way to the large hall. They had nothing to worry about: the friendly film crew had set up a fun sports activity that involved throwing balls into a target to score points.

It was time for lights, camera, action. Pupils were filmed describing what they love about Hacton before they took part in the sports activity. If the ball was on target the children pulled a happy face to camera, if the ball missed the target they pulled a silly face; we look forward to watching that! All the children who took part had a wonderful time and, after some initial nerves, appearing in front of the camera really helped build their confidence. We will let you know as soon as we hear when the show will be broadcast.

Elsie: "I was excited and anxious about playing the game well. At first I was nervous being in front of the camera but in the end it was fun."

Ryan: "We scored 20 which was good. It felt amazing that I got to go on television."

William: "I felt a bit embarrassed knowing that everyone will see what I did but I'm pleased I did it."

Ryleigh: "The game was fast moving. I felt under pressure but proud knowing that I'm going to be on TV."

Taylor: "At first I was worried that I might mess up but I got used to it and chilled out. Now I'd like to do it again."

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