Hearing Impaired Pupils 'Shine'

December 17, 2013
Hacton's hearing impaired children were recently given an exciting opportunity to work with Essex photographer, David Shields. He was producing a exhibition about the achievements of deaf children and young adults and what or who inspires them. The exhibition was called 'Shine'.

David came to our School to work with Yr 4 and Yr 5 pupils in March. Firstly, they participated in a photography workshop and then the children took their own photos. The results were put on display at the very prestigious Photographers' Gallery in London, with pupils and their parents invited as special guests. A little while later, the exhibition was held again at the Queen’s Theatre and was open to the public, friends and family. The exhibition was featured on the BBC Two programme See Hear and included interviews with some of our pupils and their parents.

Our pupils' work included a photo of Taekwondo gear, photos about football, basketball and music. One pupil took a photo of signing hands and another a photo of her soon-to-be born sister. This was an amazing opportunity for our hearing impaired children to express themselves and communicate about some of the things that make them 'shine'.


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