The Waving Cat of Japan

May 02, 2013
The Krazy Kat Theatre Company returned to our school to perform ‘The Waving Cat of Japan’. The magical, fun-filled play used puppets to tell the story of a wicked sorceress whose beautiful daughter fell in love with a prince. The sorceress gave the prince three seemingly impossible tasks to complete to win her daughter's hand in marriage. Luckily, the waving cat (a Japanese good luck symbol) helped him and (spoiler alert!) the prince got to marry the sorceress’s daughter.

The play was a visual treat and a particular joy for our hearing impaired children as the actors used sign language throughout; even the puppets signed. Thank you to the Krazy Kat Theatre Company for a wonderful performance and for spending time with our pupils after the show.

Harry: “It was good because of the signing. The puppets were great.”
Annalease: “They made everyone laugh.”
Lewis: “They acted very funny. The signing was really good.”
Caroline: “Very good acting and they made people laugh. Fantastic signing!”

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