Enterprising Year 4 Raise £272

July 06, 2012
For Enterprise Week, Year 4 pupils were transformed into Apprentices, with Miss Barnecutt and Mrs McDonach taking on the role of Lord Sugar! Their challenge: To plan a sweet sale to raise as much money for charity as possible. Teams carried out market research to discover the types of sweets that would sell well, scaling up recipes to make enough sweets to sell to the whole school, making spreadsheets of projected costs and designing posters and packaging.

Delicious Rocky Road muffins, chocolate mini muffins and peppermint creams were made by the teams of budding businesspeople. With the sweets beautifully packaged and displayed with care, each team began selling with gusto. Pupils impressed potential customers with their persuasive sales techniques and soon parents and staff were parting with their pound coins. The biggest selling teams sold out of their cakes with Powerful People making a £50 profit and Super Selling Six making £50.50 (the extra 50p came from the sale of a balloon!).

In total the takings on the day were an impressive £332.02. After costs of £60 for ingredients and packaging, Year 4 raised £272.02 for St Francis Hospice. Well done Year 4; you're hired!

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